Visitor Management System (VMS)

The Visitor Management System ensures a secure and seamless visitor experience with a modern and simple cloud-based solution. VMS helps smoothen the workflow for the enterprise in an effortless manner. This smart way of managing visitors solve the everyday hassles of enterprises in maintaining records and ensuring security. It is a fully customisable tool with features crafted keeping in mind the needs of all workplaces with a large number of visitors each day.

With a digital visitor management system, there is complete data on every visitor that has ever been to a facility, and that data can be mined to get the relevant information. On the other hand, it helps employees to be more efficient by removing all hindrances from affecting their productivity.

VMS steps to follow


  • Self-service visitor check-in/check-out.
  • Real-time visitor logs – easily monitored from the dashboard.
  • Visitor ID for easy recognition.
  • OTP verification – Secure management system. 
  • Dashboard smartly configured fully customizable.
  • Notification to host on visitor’s arrival.

VMS features